1.1 Product Description

Through the product definition stage, we will learn in great detail about the business, or organisation.


1.1.1 Brand Definition

We will work with each other to define what your brand is and what product is on offer.

1.1.2 User Definition

The Users are considered through the use of user profiling, user mapping, user requirements and user persona storyboards.

1.1.3 Business Goals

The business’ or organisation’s goals, are considered through the use of focus groups and discussions with stakeholders.

1.1.4 Competitive Audit

A Competitive Audit will focus the attention on competition. Analysing competitor print, digital and social marketing material.

1.1.5 Value Proposition

A Value Proposition will allow the project to focus on the areas of the business or Organisation that will push the brand further.

1.1.6 The Brief

A document will be drawn up to be used throughout the project as a guide book. The brief will force a focus on the core goals of the project, reducing scope creep and allowing the designers to flourish within the constraints.