The Inception stage pulls together all of the required information to allow me as a designer to really understand the client.

I begin with the introduction to the project. A kick off meeting with the client allows me to fully explain the process, run through all of the paths ahead and offer a level of project scope. The kick off meeting allows us to learn how each party works helping us to structure communications that fit with the clients company culture.

1.1 Product Description

1.1.1 Brand Definition
1.1.2 User Definition
1.1.3 Business Goals
1.1.4 Competitive Audit
1.1.5 Value Proposition
1.1.6 The Brief

1.2 Information Architecture

1.2.1 User Stories
1.2.2 Sitemap
1.2.3 Wireframes
1.2.4 Back End Specs
1.2.5 Content Specs

 1.3 Identity & Visual Design

1.3.1 Stylescape
1.3.2 Identity System
1.3.3 Typography
1.3.4 Iconography
1.3.5 Colour Palette
1.3.6 Style Guide