Amazon Kindle Template Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

So a late evening later, we get the Amazon Kindle template. It was one of the most fun Vectors I’ve created so far, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! I’m working on the keyboardless model now, and I’ll upload that over the next couple of days.

So this template is NOT FOR PROFIT, it’s for those wishing to test out the look of a Kindle book design, or a front cover, book layout, etc.

But apart from that, get creative and spread the vector love!

Here is Amazon Kindle Template (this is the keyboard model) all ready and useable for Adobe Illustrator. Use it as you wish and play with it as much as you like! It is CS3 upward compatible. If you would like it in another format just leave a comment and I’ll upload it, or drop me an email

NOTE: The PNG at the top of the page is in 150dpi and has a transparent background so it can be used on super large  formats if needs be.

You can download the illustrator file below, use it how you wish.



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