App a day — 1: Chillpill


Chillpill provides relief for those with the build up of small stresses in day to day life causing anxiety.

User persona

  • College student
  • 18–21
  • American student
  • Studying Medicine
  • Single
  • Working 100hour weeks
  • Intelligent
  • Like to drink & party
  • Naturally positive, but high stress levels increase anxiety


Tools Used

  • Balsamiq — Wireframing
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Google Fonts — Font Selection
  • Sketchapp — UI HiFi design
  • Marvelapp — Prototyping
  • Adobe Illustrator — Logo & Brand design

The best bits

  • The brand creation was simple and fun — I like the Icon
  • The turn around time for the whole project was under 2 hours, this is pretty neat!
  • The simplicity of the concept
  • Marvel app testing was simple and easy to do on the move too.

The worst bits

  • The Logo font could use more work.
  • Final prototype needs more steps
  • Animated transitions in prototypes would be good to play with — AxureRP maybe?

Things I would change next time:

  • Make more use of templates or UI kits
  • Structure the research document with more questions upfront

“Day one, this was very fun! A challenge to put together a project in such a small space of time (under 2 hours today) and the outcome is by no means perfect, but the concept is there, and the branding aspect worked well.” — Jon Bennallick


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