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Facebook Logo Icon Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

Hey all of you out there! Hey, another logo for your use now. Got the Facebook icon all up and ready. Here is the Facebook Logo (icon) all ready and useable for Adobe Illustrator. Use it as you wish and play with it as much as you like! It is CS3 upward compatible. If you […]

Spotify Logo Icon Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

 Good evening all! Finding an Adobe Illustrator file of the Spotify Logo was proving difficult so I decided to make my own. NOTE: The PNG at the top of the page is in 150dpi and has a transparent background so it can be used on super large  formats if needs be.   You can download […]

Pimp my Ride for Charity

PRIZE of a PRO Photoshoot of your artwork on the vehicle. Hey all you arty lot. I am soon to run out of MOT on my lovely little car. I feel that it would be such a shame to scrap the beast, as I cannot afford the time for the work that would need doing, […]

Here is a skateboard guitar

I built this some time ago now, and it worked! I stuck some cheap ass skateboard trucks onto the back of my guitar and rode it round for a sizeable chunk of time. Hill ride = no more skate guitar

What a wonderful day!

Today is the day I finally sorted out my issue with my host meaning I can now install WP on all of my domains! LOVELY. This is the first post on my fine fine blog. Design is a passion of mine, along with music and business, all of which I will post about. After many […]
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