App a day — 1: Chillpill

Overview Chillpill provides relief for those with the build up of small stresses in day to day life causing anxiety. User persona College student 18–21 American student Studying Medicine Single Working 100hour weeks Intelligent Like to drink & party Naturally positive, but high stress levels increase anxiety   Tools Used Balsamiq — Wireframing Color Palette Selection […]

It’s always the designers fault.

One day as you’re driving into work, you notice a tapping sound coming from the car. “Bugger, the clutch is gone” you think to yourself. You arrive at the garage and tell the mechanic that the clutch is gone. Without saying a word, the mechanic replaces the clutch kit to the tune of £800. You […]

How do you use mapping?

Mapping? Through mapping, the basic understanding of a product is communicated within the first micro seconds of use. Mapping in product design, uses spatial correspondence between the layout of the controls and the devices being controlled, it is easy to determine how to use them. Why do I need to care about mapping? As designers, […]