Headway Cornwall

Headway Cornwall are Cornwall’s provider of Brain Injury support. I implemented a UX development process much to the delight of the Stakeholders. Using Card Sorting techniques, on site development meetings and Basecamp the process ran without fault, on time and on budget. The Stakeholders became fully involved in the project and expressed their enjoyment on the handover date, at what a pleasurable experience the project had been.


1.1.2 User Definitions
Headway Cornwall User Definitions-01

1.1.2 Sitemapping – Cardsorting
Headway Cornwall Sitemapping-01-01-01

1.2.3 Wireframing – Paper Ideas Headway Cornwall Iphone Mockup-01


2.1.2 Interface Design – INITIAL Lo-Fi Prototype for the 768px viewport size

Headway Cornwall Lofi Prototype 768 Variation-01

2.1.2 Interface Design – FINAL Lo-Fi Prototype for the 768px viewport size
Headway Cornwall Lofi Prototype 700px-01


2.1.2 Interface Design – A Lo-Fi Prototype for the 1200px viewport size

Headway Cornwall Lofi Prototype-01-01


Health Considerations – Epilepsy and Hover speeds

A great number of the users of the Headway Cornwall website are likely to suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. For this reason, hover speeds on the navigation areas needed to be reduced to avoid the chance of flashing on and off. This same logic was applied to the banner slider speed too.

Headway Cornwall Nav phase speeds-01

Headway Cornwall HIFI Prototype-01



 View the Axshare Prototype Here



Headway Cornwall Final-01