LinkedIn Logo Icon Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

And now a LinkedIn Logo Icon too!

Beavering away at the Google+ Logo Icon, I’m also putting together some packs for social networking design, such as banners and DP locations and templates.

If you have any other logo suggestions, or would like something specific, drop me an email.

I will soon be uploading a file that contains all the icons too! After which, I will start work on the actual logos for each of them.

Here is the LinkedIn Logo (icon) all ready and useable for Adobe Illustrator. Use it as you wish and play with it as much as you like! It is CS3 upward compatible. If you would like it in another format just leave a comment and I’ll upload it, or drop me an email

NOTE: The PNG at the top of the page is in 150dpi and has a transparent background so it can be used on super large  formats if needs be.

You can download the illustrator file below, use it how you wish.


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