Jon Bennallick

Cornish Product designer based in London,
specialist in user centred design



2017 - Present

Digital Product Designer

LegalZoom provides legal services to clients across the US. I currently work in the Research and Development Team in London, creating user centred IOS app designs, Conversational UI experiences, chatbots and other digital products.

Global Reach Partners

2016 - 2017

Lead Designer 

After FC Exchange was acquired by Global Reach Partners in January 2017, I took on the position as Lead Designer for Global Reach Partners. I continue to manage both brands and digital product experiences for both companies.

FC Exchange 

2015 - 2017

Lead Designer 

I joined FC Exchange, a FinTech company similar to TransferWise, to scope, design and build user centric digital products with their growing digital team, including webpages and online platforms. I reported into the Head of digital whilst also directing a rebrand with the Head of Marketing. I worked regularly with Senior management, running workshops to secure sign off at important milestones. My strategic planning and my hands on Agile approach allowed our products to be delivered quickly, and to a high user-friendly standard.

Dodo Designers

2011 - 2015

Digital Designer - UX, UI, UCD 

I started Dodo Designers from scratch and with limited professional knowledge but burning interest of the web world. Through persistent studying, and an enthusiasm for design, I helped many businesses, charities and individuals secure a professional identity online. I implemented UX methods in my web design workflow from 2013, quickly meeting my expectations that client research and a process based on lean methods and tested UX principles, creates less stress and greater profits for both me and my clients. 
Since 2011, I've been designing digital products for small businesses, startups, charities, individuals and global companies using user centred design methods. Some of these small businesses have grown into companies with multimillion pound turnover, with one startup reaching a funding target in early 2016. Since June 2015, I've been the Lead Designer for a Global Financial Services Company with over £5billion turnover.


Amazon Kindle Template Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

So a late evening later, we get the Amazon Kindle template. It was one of the most fun Vectors I’ve created so far, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! I’m working on the keyboardless model now, and I’ll upload that over the next couple of days. So this template is NOT FOR […]

YouTube Logo Icon Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

A YouTube icon! After a long break for summer, I’m back with some more Social Networking Icons for you! Got a YouTube Icon here, free to use, and free to edit! Only Google+ to go now. If you have any other logo suggestions, or would like something specific, drop me an email. I will soon […]

Twitter Logo Icon Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

It’s been too long! After a long break for summer, I’m back with some more Social Networking Icons for you! Knocked up this Twitter Icon and I’m currently working on a “YouTube” and “Google +” logo. I will soon be uploading a file that contains all the icons too! After which, I will start work […]
"Jon has a very good understanding of UX and design principles and can communicate them clearly. He knew exactly what type of photographs he wanted to include in the site and worked with a photographer to obtain what he had in mind. He was a pleasure to work with and this was a great way for me to learn about UX and web design."
– Jeremie Coullon
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