Paul Smith Stripes Vector and Adobe Illustrator file

[btw, the photo above is 850px x 315px, the Facebook coverphoto size 😉 hint hint.]

Hey all!

I have spent the last couple of evenings gently building a collection of squares on Adobe Illustrator to finally come up with a vector Paul Smith Stripe dealy!

I have been looking for AGEEESSS for this, and now I built me a version!

These Stripes mean alot to me, they have the vibrance, colour and chaos but throw it into some lines and you’ve got some organisation behind all that. Puts order into the chaos!

Since seeing the Paul Smith mini, on a friends diary 2 years ago, I have been obsessed with this fantastic designer.


You can download the illustrator file below, use it how you wish.




I would love to see any “Paul Smith” objects if anyone has striped out any random items.


If you want any different versions or something similar email me

Paul Smith Stripes Vector
Paul Smith Stripes Vector
Paul Smith Vector by Jon
1.1 MiB


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