Pimp my Ride for Charity

PRIZE of a PRO Photoshoot of your artwork on the vehicle.
Hey all you arty lot. I am soon to run out of MOT on my lovely little car. I feel that it would be such a shame to scrap the beast, as I cannot afford the time for the work that would need doing, So I have decided to open it up as a “canvas” to anyone interested, and sell it on giving 60% to Charity, the other 40% being used to get her running for the lucky folk who purchases her.

Should you win, You’ll have a full workshop to perform your work, complete with paint sprayers, brushes etc. Any fancy equipment or tools will need to be brought in from somewhere else if needed 🙂

So if you fancy slapping some paint on this beast, putting your art work on her OR just doing whatever the hell you want with it, paint or design wise, FEEL FREE! I will be taking entries until the 30th May 2012

YOU WILL WIN a PRO Photoshoot of your artwork on the vehicle.

The crazier the better!

The winner will have to find his or her way down to Cornwall for the duration of the actual art to be applied.

Send entries to bennallick@dododesigners.com
Spread the word 🙂

Jon B


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