Why should you be doing User-Centered Design?

In the past decade, an awareness has grown for User-centered design (UCD). Whilst many agencies implement a UCD process, many still work on an antiquated system. So why are these forward thinking firms using this system?


1. High Quality Results

With users being the sole focus for this design process, the final product will fit them like a glove. User satisfaction will be greater, clients will see lower bounce rates and customers will stay happy.

2. Avoiding Scope Creep

Scope creep will kill projects stone dead. Designers will loose patience and miss out financially whilst clients will be frustrated by the lack of meeting of unrealistic expectations. Through a UCD process, challenges within the project will be highlighted early on, allowing designers and clients to talk about hurdles before committing to extra scope.

3.Users expect an easy to use product

The minor hold ups when trying to perform a simple task can quickly grow into frustration and eventually users will stop breathing as they pass out from being so blue faced. Maybe an extreme case… but users will stop using a website should they find the task at hand too frustrating. UCD greatly increases the chances of users completing their goals leading to happier customers and of course, happier clients.

4. Ass-umption Free

” To assume, makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me”

A great deal of web design work is based on opinions & assumptions about how people use their sites. The most commonly heard assumption is that people using mobile phones are on the move or would only need half the content ( this is not true ). UCD is built on testing, and the review of quantitative and qualitative data; more of a science than a guess. Fact based design allows a project to be adjusted logically, improving stakeholder relationships and increasing ones reputation as a designer.

5. Research opens your eyes

99% of the time, research will provide hidden surprises that might not only improve the design, but focus the client’s business on areas that may of been overlooked before. The analysis can highlight competitive advantages keeping client’s interest in the project high.



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